As we start off with a New Year, some of us opted “NOT” to make resolutions, but simply evaluate areas in our lives that need attention. I know, I know you are asking what’s the difference; not much but it sounds better right 😉 But all jokes aside, when we make “resolutions” it is so easy to fall off. However, when we examine ourselves, we realize that it is not an easy switch; it’s examining, evaluating and executing.  With this method, it takes, days, months and in some case a constant and ongoing process.. Because…

know better

Which leads me to this, I am not here to judge, but often we need to look in the mirror and see what is really the root cause and problem. So here goes; a video went viral earlier this week of a woman testifying about what she “USE” to do. She went into great detail about sexual favors she performed and was (to some) too graphic. The microphone was taken away from her and the service proceeded. Not to get up on a high horse or soapbox, but I don’t know if I was more upset with the lack of privacy during a testimonial service, or all the GIF’s and mockery I saw (primarily by the Saints) on social media. I had several conversations with Christian friends of mine, and they shared the same sentiments. The next day I saw a Facebook post by Pastor Jamal Bryant, that led me to blog on this very subject. He to was disturbed and I saw folks during his “Live” post questioning his authenticity and validity because of his own PAST transgressions. But isn’t that what a testimonies purpose is for?

Is it just me, or was there a time when testimonials were an intricate part of the Christian Worship Service? I know we have replaced it with Praise & Worship, Video Announcements, Praise Dance and a plethora of other things I will save for another post (not to mention Pastor Jamal Bryant was very concise with his commentary). I actually went to Google and looked at some old services on You Tube where the services included the testimonials and the congregants were blessed. Now I hear you saying, “Helen the problem is folks don’t know what to talk about and be out of order most of the time”. I hear you saying, “Folks are up there being too graphic and there is a time and place for that”. I even hear and at my own church struggle with the Pastor asking for a specific testimony (i.e. marriage, tithes, experience from a retreat) and the bearer of the microphone decides to go rouge (now that is out of order), But can I tell you what the WORD of GOD says…

they were overcome

I grew up in the church so all I know is what I have experienced and seen, and with that I believe I’ll testify. Giving Honor to GOD who I try to make First in my Life. I don’t always do what HE says and move when HE tells me to move, and Lord you know my mouth is my biggest challenge and everyday Lord I have to say….

that i might not sin against

The emphasis is on the Word “Might” Lord because I know it’s a daily walk and that my sanctification is a process. Lord I remember a time when the drunkard and the prostitute came into the church and we had the power to lay hands and they would be made whole. I remember a time when the person that didn’t look, smell or spoke like us, we gathered around and spoke life into their dead situation. Lord I remember a time when we would have NEVER  thought to RECORD, POST and LAUGH about someone’s past hurt and pain. Lord Forgive us for thinking we need to fill “YOUR” Service with agendas and entertainment. I remember a time when we use to pray and praise until we heard from you. Growing up a church girl I remember tarrying at the altar until something happens even if it took all night. Do any of you remember the church mother leading into a song and the deacon praying in between? How about the Spirit being so heavy in the room that the preacher literally did not even preach that service, but simply said; “those of you that want to leave here is the benedictions”, and the remaining Saints continued with their worship and deliverance. Do you remember Tent Revivals, Deliverance Services, and dare I say again Testimonial Services?
I end with WWJD; What Would Jesus Do? As it relates to the video that went viral, what would Jesus had done? Well most of us know of his compassion, grace and mercy. Many of us have experienced his agape love and kindness. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it wrong. Her testimony was beneficial for someone that was silently engaging in the same thing. Maybe not for money or to get high, but for attention and to get by. Instead of laughing Lord I believe you would have prayed for her right there on the spot. Because it was her testimony today, it could be ours tomorrow.those of you who are