This may sound a bit clichéd or scripted but I knew for a long time that there was “something” GOD wanted and needed me to do. As far back as I can remember I was always in church and a bright child with a vivid imagination. While I played well with others, I also felt the need to be alone – set apart. Growing up in faith started at home where Mom belonged to the Church of GOD International, Hebrew Pentecostal. “Every Friday night when the sun went down, we went to church and was back all day Saturday. Our “religion” called for no make-up, no pork and ladies no pants or jewelry (that may explain why I am so “extra” now). Order was what I took away from my early church experience”.

At around 12 years old I joined a Lutheran Church which taught Jesus and HIS Love. This was something that was a little new to me. While there were few members of the church who looked like me, they LOVED me.  The sincerity of the Praise & Worship experience was different from my childhood church. It was a sincerity in my spirit that drew me closer to God had a profound impact during this tender age of my life.

After high school I joined Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church where I was a faithful servant for ten years. It was here that God began to speak to me about my call – loudly. Although I was barely an adult myself, I taught Adult Sunday and led the Music Department and did all I could to serve but not preach. I was ecstatic about being a servant. Many times I had been told and prophesied to that I was a preacher that I politely ignored. I told you that God had been calling, but it wasn’t until 1999 that I headed the call and was licensed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Relocating in 2005 to the Atlanta, Georgia area had me searching for a church home and in 2006 I found one. I joined Berean Christian Church under Overseer Kerwin Lee where I am still a member serving in many areas such as the Assistant Coordinator of the Ministers, School of Biblical Studies, Drama Ministry, Outreach, Women’s Ministry Conference Speaker (to name a few). I am thankful to have graduated with honors (Summa Cum Laude) in the Spring of 2017 with my Doctorate in Ministry – Pastoral Leadership candidate.


The Philadelphia Eagles are NOW Super Bowl Champions, What I learned from the Season and WIN!!…..

February 4, 2018, is a date that will FOREVER be etched in my heart; it’s the day my beloved Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl for the first time. Fifty-Seven years had gone by and there was NO RING, NO Parade, NO SUPER BOWL BANNER, but at last, on what was one of the best […]


As we start off with a New Year, some of us opted “NOT” to make resolutions, but simply evaluate areas in our lives that need attention. I know, I know you are asking what’s the difference; not much but it sounds better right 😉 But all jokes aside, when we make “resolutions” it is so […]

Calling For More Faith in 2018

As I sit on the veranda of my Christmas/New Year Air B&B in Ocho Rios Jamaica, aside from the amazing view of the Port and Beaches, GOD continues to look out for your girl. You know that meme that says, I don’t look like what I’ve been through? Well that is an understatement. 2017 has […]

My Take: One Birthday; Two Very Different Places… Los Cabos & Iceland

I started taking solo vacation about 19 years ago while going through a painful divorce, it was my way of “attempting” to move on to the next chapter of what would be my new life. I felt the best time was going to be my birthday. Since my birthday is in July, and the best […]

Cuba: My TAKE!!

On June 6th me and my travel buddy finally confirmed and booked our trip to Havana Cuba. We had been pondering on it ever since President Obama relaxed the travel restrictions in 2016. It appears (and we were right) that “45”and his current administration was in a vicious attack to discredit and remove any and […]

Faith, Fashion, & Football in ONE Weekend

If you are new to Heyyy Helen, you would think this blog title is catchy, but actually it is what and who I am, and this weekend confirmed it. Before I get into my weekend, can I be a little transparent? I know I should be blogging more, investing more time into my brand, and stepping out on […]

If the Shoe Fits

IF THE SHOE FITS A few weeks ago (I promise I will get better at this Blogging) I returned from the most amazing, empowering, and soul-stirring Women’s Conference. The EmpowHER Conferences’ theme was; “It’s OUR Time to Shine”. If you are anything like me (prior to his retreat), you have had some trepidation when it comes to women […]

Helen Speaks

Written by Shatakia Niles There are many people that have not had the opportunity or privilege to meet and experience Helen Lawrence. Yes, to know her is not just an acquaintance but an honest and exuberant experience, never to be forgotten. Then there are those of us that know and love her, my name is […]