2 Live Views Season 1 Ep 21 Football – Robert Kraft? Kap: Right or Wrong for settling? Where is Bell and Brown going? Fashion – 30:26 – Oscar Outfits Curiosity? Oscar Movies — Blitz Hot topics: R.Kelly? Jussie? Trump? – Quick Opinions Faith – 48:36 – Sanctification = Holiness: Where is it in the church?


2 Live Views Season 1 Ep 20 Happy Vday!! AFL football – #Gucci you should be ashamed of yourselves!! – Should the church be giving singles guidelines? What about married people?

2 Live Views Season 1 Episode 15 Football: We starting the year off hard!!! Playoff picks – Fashionable: What are you committing to this year? No resolutions, just commitments. Faith: Single in the Church? Are you being overall looked?