Accessories, I absolutely cannot live without them. Even while growing up as a Tomboy (yes – I know that is so hard for people to believe but it’s true) I would rock some Dolphins, Name, Bamboo or Door Knockers (earrings) and had a Liz Claiborne purse in just about every color. The shoe obsession started later in life, but I promise you it’s what I’m most known for. From flat flip flops to towering 7-inch heels – yes indeed – I’ve gotta have it.

I’d like to think that I have a Jazzy side to (that’s what a friend of mine calls me). Whether you refer to yourself as BIG, BBW, BBBW (Big Beautiful Black Woman), Thick, Fat, Chubby, Size Sexy, Full-Figured. Big-Boned, Heavy Set, Voluptuous, Slim, Skinny, Petite, Thin, Average, Athletic, boney (did I miss anyone?)  embrace and love the skin you’re in. If you don’t like it… Do something about it!

Bling, Louboutin’s and a $2,500 purse doesn’t make you Jazzy, CONFIDENCE does. I thank GOD for my mother instilling a spirit of confidence in her daughters. No matter if I felt too skinny and even at my heaviest, I know I’m Jazzy. I’m even more thankful for my sister who would say, “nobody but you know the size on the tag so if going up a size makes it fit better than that’s what you do”.

Never let a hater make you doubt yourself. I had a friend’s mother say to me, “You could never be successful at Sales because you are not light enough or thin enough”. Boy, I’d be starving if I ate the lies she fed!!  I have exceeded my sales Quota 180% all while managing a Southern Territory (aka…the Good Old Boys) just two years ago and plan to knock it out of the ballpark again. WHY?  Confidence and BECAUSE I CAN.

So Heyyy Helen’s Alter Ego Jazzy Welcomes you. Jazzy will be around to bringing you make-up, hair, and overall fashion tips from me and my other Jazzy Friends. So if you’re relaxed/natural, thick/thin, tall/short, make-up free or beat to the HIGH Heavens – we’ve got you covered. Katt Williams would say, self-esteem means Esteem of YOURSELF, if you don’t believe in you…Baby nobody else will. Hold your head high, embrace who you are! Declare with bold unapologetic confidence…BECAUSE I CAN.