I have vivid memories of watching Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Sugar Shane Mosley, Oscar de la Hoya (to name a few) with my sister and Dad as a young girl. Memories continue and include great moments like watching Carl Lewis, Flo Jo, Al and Jackie Joyner burn up the track. In all of my sports memories, the one that gets me hype and resonates with me the the most…..was Football. Admittedly, initially I was not into it as much as my sister, but in my household you had to “CLAIM” an AFC and NFC team in the 80’s. My dad; Raiders/Cowboys, Sister; Raider/Eagles, Mom, well whoever was winning, (I swear she creating the Official Bandwagon Fan Club) but for the sake of argument Mom; Pittsburg/Redskins. Then there was me….without a team. It’s hard to believe being a Tomboy (I still have some tomboy tendencies…keeps me well rounded), that I had a hard time picking my teams. So I did what most girls would do, I looked at teams that had the best colors in their uniform. Since I loved Prince and purple was my favorite color, I had two choices; Vikings or Ravens. I went with the Ravens for my AFC team, and from a far started watching this new comer for the Philadelphia Eagles; Randall Cunningham. He was doing things others could not in the quarterback position, however I wasn’t quite ready to purchase an authentic NFL Jersey.

I continued to watch the Eagles, learned the history, and ironically fit in well with the fan base. Fast forward to 1996, the Philadelphia Eagles selected as their second draft pick, from Clemson University, FS Brian Dawkins. #20, Brian Dawkins, B-Dawk, and Wolverine, (whatever you called him) I call him the sole reason I dropped the Ravens and stuck with The EAGLES. Here I am twenty plus year’s later still singing Fly Eagles Fly!

My dream would to one day actually work in the National Football League in some history making capacity (Hey don’t hate a girl for having a dream lol). Another goal I set was to visit every stadium in the NFL. So far, I have been to 11 of 31 (Giants and Jets share a stadium). The Sport Diva moniker came while hanging out with some Eagles Fans and being able to hold my own in a spirited football debate. There I was with a #20 Jersey on and High Heel Shoes, and going toe to toe without breaking a sweat.

One of Heyyy Helen’s purpose is (I hope) to enlighten and encourage women to embrace and become knowledgeable of the sport. I’m not an expert, but I know enough to strike-up a conversation, initiate healthy debate, and be just fiercely dangerous. For my married ladies; your man will appreciate your new found interest in his Sunday (Thursday, Saturday and Monday) enjoyment. Most of my male friends/family (married & single) are diehards like me but there will be gritty debates & discussions here for them.  For the novice; don’t fret, you will get some great tips with the hope that you will get enough understanding to enjoy the sport.

To my SINGLE LADIES ALL (*sing it*) ALL MY SINGLE LADIES …Oh yesss, trust me single ladies, I have met some amazing single gentlemen at games, sports venues and Superbowl parties. Trust me when I tell you….most LOVE a girl that loves and knows her sports. You don’t need to know what a nickel defense is, but knowing a field goal from a touchdown will be a great place to start and I’m the one to teach you about it….BECAUSE I CAN.