Calling For More Faith in 2018

20171230_090529As I sit on the veranda of my Christmas/New Year Air B&B in Ocho Rios Jamaica, aside from the amazing view of the Port and Beaches, GOD continues to look out for your girl. You know that meme that says, I don’t look like what I’ve been through? Well that is an understatement.

faith lady

2017 has been a complicated year. I was finishing up my Doctorate, yet I manage to take a trip Every month (a goal I set the previous year). I was forced into a new position on my job which would literally eliminate most of my bonuses, yet I took four trips in my birthday month (Cuba, Houston, Cabo & Iceland). I preached and taught less at my home church, yet spoke, hosted, song and was a Conference/Keynote Speaker three times outside of my church and 90% of it outside of GA. I guess it can be said that my “FAITH” has brought be safe thus far….

A dear friend of mine asked me, “Where is your book”? when you gonna write a book. I politely told her, God has not purposed that in my heart. She then said, “Well what has HE purposed”? Never one to back down, I said, “What would I write about”, being “Single, Saved, but Unsatisfied”? or should I tackle, “How to stay Saved in a foreign land”? If you are new to Heyyy Helen, you may not know that I have a great passion for Faith, Fashion and Football, but I also enjoy another “F” and it’s frolicking from City to City, State to State, and last; but not least, Country to Country (including Islands and Continents). At the time of this post I had already been to seven Countries in 2017, and can NEVER get enough. But back to the book..I was being sarcastic but I know there is something in me, I actually think I’m a great story teller (hence my blogs, when I sit still to do them 🙂 I also know that folks see what I want them to see, and not necessarily what they need to see. I say that again to reiterate that I thank GOD that I don’t look like what I’ve been through.

For every trip there was a sacrifice. For every materialistic thing you see there was me questioning GOD. (Yes, the preacher Questions God). There is pain behind every smile, but there is also PEACE that GOD showed me this year. He desires more from us, but I will stay with me…He was asking for MORE of me. Not just because I was a preacher. Not just because I am a child of GOD. Not even because He continues to do exceedingly and abundantly for me, but because HE SAID SO, and it was that clear when (with no forewarning), GOD was shifting things in my professional and personal life. In both areas HE wanted a different response and reaction from me, a level that showed Peace and that I Trusted HIM. I tried this approach (with success) recently and now laugh at how long it took me to simply do what HE told me to do.

2018 is going to be the year of purpose for me. What has HE purposed you and I to do? Was it a book, a business, or even going back to school. Were you supposed to give more, travel more, volunteer more? Heyyy Helen has a purpose, and I vow to TRUST the Process in 2018 and not let Fear block or overtake my Faith. No resolutions guys.. Just Vision, Purpose and Faith.

faith over fear

Does Anyone Care What I Have To Say?

Social Media is a TRIP. I joined Facebook in 2009 with one intention; to figure out where my class reunion was going to be. How in the world would I know if I no longer lived in my town anymore, not to mention been in much contact with any of my classmates? I was determined nonetheless to get home and share stories, life achievements, and reflect on those who died too soon. Fast forward to 2016, I am still on Facebook and jumped into Linkedin for the professional networking. I have never been on MySpace, Kik, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat. Never got into WORDS with Friends, and the list goes on; I just wasn’t interested. I tried online dating, and let’s just say that will be a future BLOG…UGGGG. Facebook has been my safe place.

“Heyyy Helen” was created because one of the things I do on Facebook is post sports updates, trash talking, and dancing video’s when my team (Philadelphia Eagles) win. My Facebook Friends would comment, like, and the Trolls (lol) I’m sure they do what they do best…Troll. But the question was and still remains… Does anyone REALLY care about what I have to say? With a considerable amount of confidence, I say; “Yes they do”.  

People care about what you have to say when it’s helps, encourages, and benefits them. I often say I’m no expert, and I don’t know everything, but I know enough to be dangerous I say Social Media is a trip because, there are plenty of people that have something to say, but it’s not always helpful, encouraging and beneficial. For example, If I see another passive and subliminal FACEBOOK post about “somebody hating on you, or how folks need to stay out YO (yes I said Yo, instead of YOUR) business, You know the BUSINESS YOU decided to POST on Social Media




Because of Heyyy Helen I had to step outside of my comfort zone which includes me increasing my Social Media Presence and Engagement. Life is too short to spend it angry ALL the time. Trust me I know everyone won’t like my POSTS, BLOGS, Pictures and even my Views, but what I do know is for those that want to take the journey with me, we going ride this thing until the Wheels Fall OFF…. Because WE CAN!!!!