Helen Speaks

Written by Shatakia Niles

There are many people that have not had the opportunity or privilege to meet and experience Helen Lawrence. Yes, to know her is not just an acquaintance but an honest and exuberant experience, never to be forgotten. Then there are those of us that know and love her, my name is Shatika and I am one of those people. We sit with baited breath and open hearts waiting for the moment when Helen speaks.  On August 14, 2016 at the 9:30 service for Berean Christian Church – Gwinnett, Helen was able to not just recant being stuck in morning traffic, something that we have all experienced, she lays out a vision so vivid that you can almost smell the exhaust of the car that was idling in front of her. When Helen speaks she verbalizes a moment in way that is so clear, you find yourself perched anxiously on the edge of your seat in expectation of a life changing journey. On Sunday, she blessed us all she preached the word and poured out her spirit in the sermon she titled “Caller Are You There?” – I am not going to try to rewrite it but don’t worry, you can still journey with us ….you need to buy the DVD!!!  Don’t take my word for it, get to know her for yourself and in the meantime, here is what others have to say:


“When I tell you! This women, right here…brought the word, lesson and song with her. Such an amazing women of God. I have read Mark, Luke and John. But I have neva heard Luke taught in the manner of which it was on today. I am rejuvenated and have rejoiced in the Lord on today. Helen Lawrence you continue to allow God to use you boo!”  ~ Michelle


“Just wanted you to know your message gave me some great take-a ways for my life. May God bless you to keep preaching and winning more souls for Christ” ~ Charlotte


“Girl, I’m STILL thinking about that message yesterday!! Thank you for being the vessel that God called you to be. You did an amazing job bringing the WORD. I SO needed that!!! Remember what I told you, yesterday!!! #‎RealTalk‬….and you need to come back and finish the song!! I will even help back up!! LOL. Love me some you!!…to the MOON and back!!!#‎SpiritRejoicing ~ Heather

Does Anyone Care What I Have To Say?

Social Media is a TRIP. I joined Facebook in 2009 with one intention; to figure out where my class reunion was going to be. How in the world would I know if I no longer lived in my town anymore, not to mention been in much contact with any of my classmates? I was determined nonetheless to get home and share stories, life achievements, and reflect on those who died too soon. Fast forward to 2016, I am still on Facebook and jumped into Linkedin for the professional networking. I have never been on MySpace, Kik, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat. Never got into WORDS with Friends, and the list goes on; I just wasn’t interested. I tried online dating, and let’s just say that will be a future BLOG…UGGGG. Facebook has been my safe place.

“Heyyy Helen” was created because one of the things I do on Facebook is post sports updates, trash talking, and dancing video’s when my team (Philadelphia Eagles) win. My Facebook Friends would comment, like, and the Trolls (lol) I’m sure they do what they do best…Troll. But the question was and still remains… Does anyone REALLY care about what I have to say? With a considerable amount of confidence, I say; “Yes they do”.  

People care about what you have to say when it’s helps, encourages, and benefits them. I often say I’m no expert, and I don’t know everything, but I know enough to be dangerous I say Social Media is a trip because, there are plenty of people that have something to say, but it’s not always helpful, encouraging and beneficial. For example, If I see another passive and subliminal FACEBOOK post about “somebody hating on you, or how folks need to stay out YO (yes I said Yo, instead of YOUR) business, You know the BUSINESS YOU decided to POST on Social Media




Because of Heyyy Helen I had to step outside of my comfort zone which includes me increasing my Social Media Presence and Engagement. Life is too short to spend it angry ALL the time. Trust me I know everyone won’t like my POSTS, BLOGS, Pictures and even my Views, but what I do know is for those that want to take the journey with me, we going ride this thing until the Wheels Fall OFF…. Because WE CAN!!!!